Services We Provide
Real Estate & Financing Services
Dear our  customers:

We would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity of fulfilling your Real Estate and
Financial need.
Our working ethic is to assure that your Real Estate and Mortgage/Loan need will be taken
care of with our full and responsible attention.
We will be doing the following for you:

I. Searching, Viewing, Investigating, Competitive Market Analyzing,
Negotiating,Representing , Protecting You     from A to Z in the Real
Estate market.

II. Planing and Preparing your loan
1        Contact and Discuss with you
2        Analyze your financial status (present, past)
3        Promote the current programs
4        Help you to fill out application
5        Perform credit check
6        Good Faith estimate for your acknowledgement
7        Shop the best rate for you
8        Time the rate
9        Lock your loan with your approval

III. Processing your loan
1        Open escrow
2        Order appraisal
3        Coordinate with title company
4        Coordinate with insurance company
5        Order flood certificate (if necessary)
6        Underwrite your loan with the best lender
7        Fulfill conditions
8        Prepare loan documents
9        Sign off loan documents
10      Fund your loan

IV. Coordinate the closing
1        Package the sign-off documents to lenders, insurance, warehousing investors
2        Tax, Flood, Insurance transfer assignments

V. Follow through after closing with lenders
1        Verify your closing statement for accuracy
2        Complete any loose financial items to your satisfaction

Please call us anytime. Our response is as soon as possible, usually within 10 minutes.
We will give you constant update pertaining to the progress of your loan during 2–4 weeks.

Best Regards,

Michael Tran  & The PURITY Group
Broker DRE# 01376592
Corporate Officer # 01482438
President, CEO – The PURITY Real Estate Investment and Finance, Inc.
(408) 426 – 1702, (408) 904 - 7030