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The following table shows Advantages v/s Disadvantages of various loan programs

Loan Program        Advantages                                                  Disadvantages

Fixed Rate                  •  Monthly payments are predictable          •  Pay more in interest
                                   •  Less risk                                                        •  Higher interest rate
                                   •  Rate does not change                                 •  Not taking advantage of lower
                                                                                                                    interest rates

Adjustable Rate        •  Initial monthly payments are lower
                                   •  Easier to qualify for higher loan                •  More risk
                                      amounts                                                          •  Un-predictable future housing
                                                                                                                •  Potential higher payments
                                                                                                                   (Life Cap)
Stated Income          •  Income is not verified                                  •  Higher rates
                                                                                                                •  To be qualified, a low LTV is
Combination loans
(Ex: 80/10/10)            •  Avoid PMI
                                  •  Tax advantages                                             •  Possibly higher monthly
                                                                                                                •  Two monthly payments are
                                                                                                                   needed (instead of one)

HELOC                        •  Flexible access to funds : only draw        •  Higher interest rate than
                                     what you need , only pay interest on           a first mortgage.
                                     what you borrow
                                  • Tax advantages         

Home Equity Loan    •   Predictable fixed payments                     •   Higher interest rate than
                                   •  Tax advantages                                               a first mortgage
                                                                                                                •  Cannot withdraw any
                                                                                                                   additional fund

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